Canine Influenza Outbreak

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There has been a recent outbreak of canine influenza in at least 2 local boarding kennels. canine influenza or canine flu is a respiratory infection that is very contagious to other dogs. Typical symptoms are fever, sneezing , coughing, nasal and eye discharge, lethargy and loss of appetite. Some dogs will also develop pneumonia, which can cause death.
Canine flu can be passed from dog to dog through the air, direct contact with infected dogs, and inanimate objects such as food bowls and toys. People can also transmit the virus between dogs on their hands, clothes and shoes.
We are recommending that all dogs in social situations be vaccinated for influenza. These are dogs that are boarded, attend doggie day care, participate in training classes, attend dog shows, go to groomers, go to dog parks or participate in any social event where other dogs are present. If you choose not to vaccinate your dog, please keep them at home and away from other dogs. There are 2 strains of influenza that infect dogs and we are recommending vaccinating against both strains.